How to count rhythms : reading and counting music tips for guitar players

How to count the rhythms in guitar

how to count the rhythms in music? Here is a video coming from the first chapter teaching you how to count the rhythms easily. The lenght is determined by the counting at the begining of a series of measure. Whether the time signature is binary, ternary, etc… Let’s start by the simplest ! With a 4/4 count, each measure content exactly 4 pulses (or beats). The symbol of reference is the crotchet ! Worth one pulse. Then, it’s all about multiples. A whole note, or semibreve, is worth 4 pulses. Divided by two, you get the half note, or minim. Divided again by two, you get the quarter note, or crotchet, worth a pulse. Finnally, if you divide it again by its half, you get the eighth note, or quaver worth 0.5 pulse. You see, quite easy to get the rhythm ! In term of 4/4 time signature, we can sum up :

  • The whole note (semibreve) = 4 pulses
  • The half note (minim) = 2 pulses
  • The quarter note (crotchet) = 1 pulse
  • The eighth note (quaver) = 0.5 pulse
  • The sixteenth note (semiquaver) = 0.25 pulse
  • The thirty-second note(demi semiquaver) = 0.125 pulse

But everything isn’t all mathematical !

Then, to count the pulses, we will read aloud :


That will allow us to mark the pulse. We can follow the clicking sound of a metronome, or beat the pulse with our foot in a regular way. Then, we need to play the guitar melody at the same time.

But I said too much already ! Take a look a the video below to learn how to count the rhythm with your guitar. 😉

A precious aid to learn how to count the rhythm in music and keep on the rhythm

How to keep on the rhythm without being a professionnal at counting time in music ? Thanks to our innovative and visual way to learn the guitar with interactive exercises ! The ball will jump from note to note to indicate you when to pick the strings of your guitar. Thus, when the ball touche a note, you will have to play the string and the finger on the corresponding fret. By following this indication, you will be able to feel the rhythm. Easily and instinctively know when to play the strings.

Then, you can also count the pulses according to the rhythm symbols on top of the guitar tab. This guitar app is certified gold medal from the Concours Lépine, a famous french invention contest. It will help you improve your skills in a gify ! You can also slow down the rhythm, play over a backing track and even see if you played the right notes, at the right moment !

The interfactive interface of our guitar exercises. Our guitar lessons are divided in several parts to let you manage the tempo at your rhythm or play over a backing track.
The interactive exercice of MyMusicTeacher is the best way to improve your guitar playing skills. You can even find printable or PDF Guitar tabs !


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