Best guitar solo for beginner and easy to play

Best guitar solo for beginner and easy to play


The guitar solo is a little like the cornerstone of Rock’n’Roll. Wanting to play some straight at the begining of the practice is among the top objectives of the guitarist. They might though reveal themselves to be a little complicated… won’t them Eddie (Van Halen) ? For the beginners, we’ve assembled a little guide of the best guitar solo for beginner and easy to play !

Best guitar solo but solo of an intense efficiency !

Nothing better than few songs that became mythical in the course of the past twenty years to learn while having fun.

Smells like Teen Spirit – Nirvana

The first guitar solo reaching my head is the one of Smell Like Teen Spirit, the iconic song from Nirvana. Recorded in 1991, Kurt Cobain delivers a powerful rhythmical sequence of chords and a half-way solo that would set everybody on the same side. No crazy effect, simply a repetition of notes in legato and a bend. The solo copies the melodic sequence in the verses and, this way, creates an electric and entertaining echo.


Holiday – Green Day

Simple but efficient, that could also be the moto of the californian punk band Green Day. With more hits in their sleeve than a poker player about to throw a striaght flush, Billie Joe Armstrong has the sens of the melody when it’s about guitar solos. Songs such as Holiday or Wake Me Up When September Ends mix heavy rhythm with langorous melody in legato. A play in two strings particularly easy to execute but boy, how efficient !
Solos that can be played with the pointer and middle fingers and that are set on two strings. An ideal workout exercise to untie the fingers and warm up your moves as you play a signature melody from an original band.


Californication – Red Hot Chili Peppers

In third place, we can count on the Red Hots Chili Peppers with their song Californication. The guitar solo charged with emotions from John Frusciante is a little more complex than the two previous ones because played on three strings. A great exercise to workout alternate picking technics and pick synchronization.


Seven Nation Army – The White Stripes

The last solo we can advise you to learn is the one of Seven Nation Army, from The White Stripes. Extrêmely fuzzy, it allows an interpretation with a bottleneck that would leave country blues fans breathless. The song is a true chance for beginners. A legendary riff of such that can be heard in huge stadiums and an easy guitar solo ? Well, where do we sign ?


Some more solos that can’t be missed

If we had to evoke an iconic rock solo, we would think about the well-bended Highway to Hell from the new-zealanders of AC/DC. A unic groove amplified by the duck walk of Angus Young and his flying strings.
On the blues side, we offer you Thrill is Gone, from the very great B.B King ! Nott the easiest in the list therefore quite alright, but intensly emotional. The play is mainly made of slides and slow nuanced notes. A good exercise for anybody who want start improvising and make blues solos.

Heavy Metal & Rock’n’rollist ? We offer you the solo from the cover of Knocking Heaven’s Door by the Guns’n’Roses. Then, the ultimate solo of Nothing Else Matters, from Metallica. Two pieces of choice to diversify your play style where solos are usually made of a million staccato notes.
Special mention to two songs we hold very dear in our heart at MyMusicTeacher :

  • Guantanamera, from Compay Segundo : A cuban blues routine that might be redundant but which is an excellent way to workout. Its solos which are not really makes a good introduction to turnarounds and blues licks. A great first course for any beinner willing to improve quickly on beautiful melodies.
  • Brothers in Arm, from Dire Straits : tha hardest beginner guitar solo, but certainly the most beautiful. The song itself is quite complicated and require a fast paced finger play. Some sequence are nevertheless intensly enchanting and makes of Brothers in Arm a masterpiece to have in your guitar armory.

How to learn efficiently a guitar solo

Until now, we have given you many ideas of nice solos to play. But what about putting it in practice ? Learning a guitar solo when we are not used to might be a rather hard step. Here are some advices to help you achieve this goal :

  1. Take the time to listen to the song : before mastering the music sheet, you need to have an idea of what it sounds like with your ears. How are played those notes, where are the accentuations ? Are there fast successives notes or some unprobable breaks ? Untile where do the bend climbs and how much time do the tremolo last, etc… Musically mapping the song in your mind will help you find its rhythm naturally and anticipate its execution.
  2. Knowing the music sheet on the tip of your fingers : to play a solo in rhythm, your brain can’t lose its time looking for the note that follow. You need to proceed step by step. Cuting through the solo and its many parts and learn them by heart. The more the nots will come naturally, the better you’ll play in rhythm.
  3. Workout with slow tempo : nothing is worth running before walking in guitar. Slow down the tempo to the max to workout your muscle memory. By repeating the same patern over and over, your fingers will remember alone what is up to play. In the end, the less you’ll think about it, the easier you’ll play the solo.
  4. Play along somebody : playing over the original song, using backing tracks or on the interactive exercises of MyMusicTeacher. If you’re willing ot invest in a loop pedal, record a short rhythm to then play over it. There is nothing more motivating than feeling part of something bigger when you play a music instrument.
  5. Don’t become a copy : if one or two notes are played differently, it’s not a problem. On the contrary, don’t be afraid to reivent music, to adapt it according to what you feel. Xith enough time and practice, anybody can play as fast as Van Halen, but how many will have his touch ? From your very first guitar solo, let yourself carry by the music, own the songs you play.
beginner guitar solo
Music is sharing, don’t be afraid to play a beginner guitar solo to your friends.
Guitar tabs to play beginner best guitar solo ?

By chance, you can find all those songs on the MyMusicTeacher’s application. Bonus : you will be able to contrôl the song’s tempo in live, detect you play and be corrected in real time along with being backed up with a virtual track !

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