Best online guitar lessons : a new way to learn with our interactive pedagogy

Best online guitar lessons : a new way to learn with our interactive pedagogy


Learn how to play the guitar with online guitar lessons. It’s great and incredibly comfy ! Our application is the only one to be certified with two gold medals from the World Class and Prestigious Concours Lépine ; a french invention contest. Proof of the efficiency of our pedagogy. You are in the right place to improve your skills ! The revolution of online guitar class is on !

Do you know why youtube guitar lessons are not enough ?

Youtube guitar lessons allow you to learn theories and visually mimic the tutorials. Nevertheless you might have already asked yourself those questions :

Our guitar app for beginners and experts is available on tablet, smartphone, PC and Mac !
Our guitar app for beginners and experts is available on tablet, smartphone, PC and Mac !

– Do I play the right notes and am I in the rhythm?

– What song do I have to practice to really improve efficiently?

– Does the guitar song I’m working on really fits my level?

– Am I ringing those strings and chords well?

Indeed those are excellent questions. Nobody will correct you in online music schools or on YouTube guitar videos. . That’s why we’ve developed an innovative technology that detects in real time the notes you’ll play without needing complementary material. You simply need to install the application or computer software and use the inbuilt microphone in your phone, tablet or PC. Easy and efficient! Thus, our guitar application will be able to tell you if you play right or wrong, if you are in the rhythm, if you play all the notes in a chord and i twill advise you the best song to work on to improve better according to your current level. Sympathetic and motivating, you have all the keys to finally get better with an acoustic or electric guitar ! Discover our free guitar lessons here.

Content available on MyMusicTeacher – 2500 hours of guitar lessons

You’ll find in the first hand the many chapters of our learning method to ease your progression. Then, the missions will help you solve problems like, for example, succeeding at playing bar chords. To finish, a small listing of all the well known songs you will be able to learn on MyMusicTeacher. Enough to fill you many days without getting bored ! All this content is available on PC, MAC, Android and IOS.

The chapters of our learning method

Begin the guitar

Chapter 1 – Total Beginner Level

Start easy with your first guitar lessons focused on the positioning of your fingers on the fretboard. You will learn your first melodies, how to attack the strings and a few easy songs to play ! This chapter is perfect for someone who has just bought his guitar.

My first guitar chords

Chapter 2 – Beginner Level

Learn chords with a guitar, it’s an unavoidable step ! Discover your first major and minor chords to play on famous songs. Discover your first introduction to tempo and how to count the rhythms. Ready to start habing your first blisters ? 🙂

Counting the pulses

Chapter 3 – Beginner Level

Because the rhythm is mandatory to play guitar, we will have to learn how to play while keeping the right tempo. You will quickly know how to count whole notes, half notes or crotchets in a fun way ! Say goodbye to annoying music theory with our method. You will finally be able to play with your friends or in a band !

Quavers and more

Chapter 4 – Beginner Level

We will play by giving more movements to your chords and melodies. We are starting to take quavers for account and how to play them ! We have some small secrets to reveal so you can automatically find out the way to attack the strings and improve your game !

My first effects and technics

Chapter 5 – Intermediate Level

Have you already heard about bend, slides, hammer-on, palm-muting or pull-off ? Discover in this chapter how to play and practice these different effects on the guitar to improve your play and future compositions. An inescapable to use without restraints.

Implementing effects

Chapter 6 – Intermediate Level

This chapter will allow you to set the mainelectric, classical or folk guitar effects , learn how to integrate them in your guitarist play style as well in beginner songs as in the more advanced ones !

Working the rest

Chapter 7 – Intermediate Level

To play the guitar, it’s to play notes but also… take care of stopping the strings, their vibration to leave some space to silence in music. It allows you to groove your rhythms and custom even more you melodies! Discover how to ring the silence with your guitar!

Recess is a musical!

Chapter 8 – Intermediate+ Level

What do you say about discovering grands riffs some guitar with us ? There’s nothing like a little of practice on renown and unavoidable songs on electric guitar to set in the rock all the knowledge we’ve gathered together in the previous chapters 🙂

The transition to another level

Chapter 9 – Intermediate+ Level

Now that we’ve worked together on many technics and have seen theories like scales, chords and how to count the rhythm, it is time to face this evaluation chapter. It will let you know if you’re well hung to your strings ! 🙂

Chords and percussive guitar effects

Chapter 10 – Intermediate+ Level

Are you wondering what is a Seventh cord and if there exist other chords than majors and minors ? With our guitar lessons and exercises dedicated to finger positioning you will see that your fingers will do miracles. You’ll also learn beginner tricks about percussive guitar playing.

Complex rhythms

Chapter 11 – Intermediate+ Level

You’re tired of playing standard rhythms with quavers on the guitar ? Let’s pass to the higher geat with the practice of intricates rhythms mixed to dotted notes and links. But in the end, what are links and why dotting a note ? The answer in this chapter !

Sweep picking and speed !

Chapter 12 – Advanced Level

You want to impress your friends by playing super-fast on the guitar ? With the sweep picking technic (also called economic picking) technic, you’ll save a considerable amount of time to play the notes at high speed by sweeping the strings. All the secrets of this technic will be revealed to you to sweep like a chief !

Atypical styles

Chapter 13 – Advanced Level

Guitar is not only blues, jazz or rock. It’s also a mean to play musics from other cultures. Discover the basics of flamenco, gipsy guitar and some other less typical styles ! Beware of your fingers, they’ll soon run across your fretboard!

Movie Soundtrack

Chapter 14 – Advanced Level

Do you know fingerstyle ? This series of technics allowing you to remix guitar songs by playing guitar, bass, drums and melody part all at once. We will teach you these technics with movie musics ! Here’s a nice idea no ? 🙂

Time to Shred!

Chapter 15 – Advanced Level

A chapter exam to get you working on your agility and untie your fingers even more without rhythm tricks. We will make you mix many different technics while practicing scales. This chapter only contains legato exercises, no video lessons.

Theme-based learning paths

Our theme-based learning paths are a mix of electric, classical or folk guitar lessons that helps you work with concrete and specialized exercises of a particular domain. If you can’t play a barre chord for example, you’ll find the solution in the shape of a specialized path organized in a way that will help you succeed! In the same way, there’s a path to increase your picking speed, learn music from films, learn how to improvise, create, and so on … are some paths available in our application.

Vainquish the Barre Chord

Level : Beginner and totally barred.

Barre chords are giving you problems ? With this theme-path, you’ll definitely succeed at playing your barre chords on many strings ! Many exercises and very progressive lessons to all who whant to play barre chords on a guitar.

Introduction to Fingerstyle

Level : Beginner and intermediate, for guitar lovers

Fingerstyle and fingerpicking are two sides of the art of playing guitar while recreating the bass, the drum and the melody at once.Very used to remix famous songs or movie soundtrack, this technic asks for a big amount of work to create independency between each fingers.

Introduction to DAW

Level : Beginner who wants to record an instrument without trouble !

Learning how to record your guitar and build a home studio is a form of art in itself. How to do to record with a sufficient quality if you have a tiny budget? How to export your videos on YouTube and make them look appealing ? Anyhow, how to edit a video ?

How to flirt with a guitar

Level : Intermediate and charming.

There’s nothing cuter than a girl or a boy playing guitar! Us, guitarist, know how to play romantic ballad and languorous. What are the best song to seduce efficiently without looking like a « creep » 🙂We teach you everything here to flirt for Valentine’s Day with your instrument. (hum)

Gaining speed with a pick

Level : intermediate and true fan of speed.

You’re asking yourself how guitarists do to play extremely fast? Here are all the secrets and exercises you need to reach an incredible picking speed by optimizing your play technics with a pick without having to learn too many scales!

Scales all the way around !

Level : Intermediate with a serious love for climbing a fretboard

Knowing your scales and how to find them, that’s great ! But do you really know how to practice them ? Climbing and descending them ? With this key path made of exercises, you’ll find multiple technics to shift your fingers at great speed on the fretboard of your guitar !

Lights on the Ghibli’s Studio’s masterpieces

Level : Advanced, with a Sushi Master rank and great knowledge of good films.

Our guitar teacher, Frank, is a huge fan of Miyazaki and Japanese Animation. That’s all natural that he offers you to share his journey to japan by learning these wonderful fingerstyle remixes of the greatest music themes from the cinema of Hayao Miyazaki

Arpeggios to the pleasure

Level : Intermediate and crazy about guitar arpeggios.

Arpeggios are not reserved to a unic class of finger-playing guitarists. In this theme-path made only of exercises, you’ll find a guitar challenge to boost your agility and the speed of your fingers. You hand will never be stiff anymore and you’ll be surprised with the gap you’ll be able to realize. 🙂

Star Wars Soundtrack

Level : Advanced, and fan old school or new age of the stellar saga.

You love Star Wars? Find our guitar tutorials to learn how to play those mythical songs ! Whether you’re interested in Cantina Band or Imperial March, amaze yourself and you Star Wars fan friends with these few notes that might give you trouble to chew. Listen to the music to get accustomed and let the music flows.

Introduction to industrial metal

Level : Intermediate, long hairs and tattoos

Metal is probably the music style that emphases the most the guitar in the center of its production process. With highly distorted riffs and hellish solos, learn how to play your very first metal riffs with rhythms and chords almost too easy to be true.

Music from Video Games

Level : Beginner and retro gaming adept.

We’ve designed a videogame to learn how to play guitar in a fun way. So what’s more natural than to offer also guitar lessons on video game theme songs? Pokémon, Mario, Castelvania or even Zelda are available ! Find back the thrill and hop on the childhood train (for the record, I still play them !)

The Shredder

Level : Advanced, and you need 10 fingers on each hand.

You are in the premier league now! This theme-path is exclusively made of hard and painful exercises… no we’re joking. They are fast though. A little sadistic, we offer you to push you in your remaining trenches to improve your speed big time. A great challenge of agility between friends who love a good guitar solo !

A little extract from the guitar songs available in our application outside of the chapters

Each guitar song goes with its own interactive exercise, printable guitar tab in PDF and a video lesson in English detailing each measure and every position of the fingers. You can play along a backing track and win points to rank up in the community score board! Here is a little extract from our learning method organized in chapters and missions.

Features of our application

Far from a simple series of videos, our innovative guitar lessons’ application has been rewarded and acclaimed to be the best guitar lessons’ app in the world. (You can view the details of our medals and awards here).

The inherent functions of the application

Considered to be the top of the top by medias and our pupils, our features allow us to learn faster and with more comfort!

Autocorrection in real-time of the notes detected by your microphone

Our exercises use the in-built microphone of your device (computer, smartphone or tablet) to detect the notes you play. Thus, you know in live if you play right or wrong !

Jouez avec un accompagnement

What’s more motivating than feeling accompanied by a drummer and other musicians? Play over the backing tracks included in our interactive exercises to never feel alone in music again.

Follow the ball to keep the rhythm!

You have troubles counting the rhythm? We’ll teach you how to do! Moreover, each interactive exercise allows you to easily know the exact rhythm because of our system of jumping white ball.

Placing your fingers on the neck, it’s easy !

You never know which finger to set ? We’ll indicate you dynamically which finger to use with our intelligent alogythm incorporated in every interactive exercise.

Slow down the song’s speed to work more efficiently

Because of the tempo regulator, you can slow down or increase the execution speed of an exercise and still have a backing track. An great tool to succeed at paying your favorite songs !

A part of the song is too complicated for you ?

Thanks to the loop bars, you can repeat the measures you’ve got troubles with as much as you need! Very practical!

Stats and Analytics on your advancement

You can set yourself time goals and see in real time the styles you are playing the most with a single look at your dashboard.

An AI that advise you

The app knows in real time what are the styles you prefer, your difficulties and your level. It will advise you the best songs to learn at the right time to improve !

Online Guitar Lessons in streaming live

With our live streaming guitar lessons on Monday and Sunday night from 20h to 20h45, you can meet your teacher and ask him questions. The rest of the community around, feel free to exchange your thoughts about your favorite instrument.

Meet other guitarists like you

With the incorporated interactive chat, you can exchange with all the students on MyMusicTeacher. It’s like a guitar forum, but in real time ! Evolve in a dynamic community !

Print your favorite guitar tabs easily

You want to take a break away from your screen ? Fair enough, you can print each guitar tab available on the application whenever you want to keep on the learning !

Tune you guitar in a jiffy

What would be a guitar learning application without its loyal toolbox ? Metronome on exercises, tuner to tune your guitar, you’ve got all the tools needed to succeed.

The perfect tools to be an online guitarist

In the end, we offer you some extra tools to help you improve, such as an online guitar tuner or an online metronome but that’s not all. The blog and vlog of MyMusicTeacher brings you high quality pedagogical content. Whether it is for some online guitar lessons, learning tips, stories, or theories, you’ll find articles that will enrich your culture of the instrument. We add about 40 new guitar lessons a month on our software to learn the guitar and almost an article every single day on the blog !

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