How to read a Guitar tab ?

How to read a Guitar tab ?

How to read a guitar tab, a very easy tutorial video !

To read a guitar tab is a very simple exercise when you’re starting learning the guitar. You might ask yourself, but how to read a guitar tab ? It’s a common question we ask if we have to start with music sheets or guitar tabs to play guitar. Whether it’s an electric, classical or folk guitar, the guitar tab will allow you to learn very quicly and as efficiently. In this video, you can find some explanations and examples on how to read a guitar tab. Be sure to activate the subtitles!

It’s one of the very first video you will find on mymusicteacher.fr that allows you to learn how to read a guitar tab easily.

  • Each line represent the strings of the guitar in reverse. (On top, the thinest string, on the bottom the thickest)
  • The numbers represent the frets of the guitar in reverse. (the O for the open string, the 24 for the closest one to the bridge).
  • You can also find some symbols or special notations, such as a “h” (hammer-on), a “p” (pull-off), a “s” (slide). Those are effects of guitar technics you’ll have time to learn after you’ve initiated yourself to the guitar.

We advise you to look at this video, and even to launch yourself in the first learning chapter of MyMusicTeacher for free. You will find guitar exercises to train, as a beginner, intermediate or expert ! Whether it is to recognize the strings or to play some legendary songs like the ones of Iron Maiden, The Beatles, …, U2… You will be on board for a very easy and efficient online method.

The basics to read a guitar tab

To read a guitar tab, or tablature, it’s very easy. You have to take for account that every line represent a string of your guitar. The lowest line on the guitar tab refers to the thickest string. The highest line symbolize the thinest string.. and so forth !

Then, we’ll place numbers and symbols over it. Each number is associated to a symbol or no. The number refers to the frett of the guitar. 1 on the lower line means you have to place your finger on the first frett, on the biggest string, of course, close to the metallic bar, on the body side of the guitar. Then, there might exist a symbol, a letter.. Those are effects you can apply on a note.

If many numbers are overlapped on the same line, it means that you have to play a guitar chord ! So many notes/strings at the same time.

Exceptionnal case : When a 0 is available on a line of the tab, you must play the string empty.

Thanks to this video lesson to learn how to read a guitar tab, you’ll discover the basics. I invite you to subscribe on the website to go further in the understanding of this concept.

Find out this video on YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8cKpS68_C5w

Now that you know how to read a guitar tab, what do you say about putting it all in practice ? On the guitar classes application MyMusicTeacher, you’ll find thousands of interactive tabs to correct you automatically with the microphone of your device !

With the shown above video, you’ll learn easilly how to play tapping by reading the notation associated with the guitar tab !

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