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FAQ – How to use the MyMusicTeacher Guitar Lesson’s application

  • Welcome to the FAQ, or « Frequently Asked Questions » section of the MyMusicTeacher application
  • If you’ve met a problem or a bug with our service, you might be able to find its solution right here. This article makes the inventory of the main errors met by our users and the steps to solve them.. It is important to precise that the MyMusicTeacher application for smartphone and tablet needs a version of Android OS higher or equal to 4.0.3. An stable and efficient internet connexion is necessary to maintain the quality and functioning of the application.

    // You wish to better understand how our interactive exercices work? See you on the Vous souhaitez mieux comprendre le fonctionnement de nos exercices interactifs ? Rendez-vous sur le MyMusicTeacher’s interactive exercises operative manual ! //

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    FAQ – How to use the MyMusicTeacher Guitar Lesson’s application

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    ” Impossible to download the application from Google Play Store (Errorr 693) “

    It is possible that on a few Android devices, the setup doesn’t install the MyMusicTeacher app after downloading it on the Google Play Store. Google refers to this problem under the Error Code 693. It is a problem concerning the SD card slot of your device. Don’t worry, it’s nothing serious. Here is the way to solve this problem:

    • In the Settings/Applications, you need to empty the cache of the Google PlayStore and Google Play Services.
    • Then, in Settings / Storage, chose the option « Uninstall the SD Card »
    • Back in the Google Play Store, check that you have the latest version up to date.
    • Once all that is done, you will be able to setup the applications that didn’t want to install
    • Finally, you can reset your SD Card

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    ” The notes check green even when I don’t play. “

    If you meet this problem, it’s because the microphone of you PC, Smartphone or Tablet detects the sound emitted by the backing track of the application. It is advised to play with earphones or a headset plugged and in a calm space so the detection system works in the most optimized way and only hear the sound of your guitar. You can also deactivate or reduce the volume of the application’s sound in the Settings.

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    ” The application doesn’t start when I click on its icon. “

    If nothing happens when you launch the application, it means the installation has been corrupted. Check that you are connected to the Internet (preferably in Wi-Fi), deactivate the « battery saving mode » if it was active. In the “ Application “ menu of your device’s settings, select MyMusicTeacher and click on the button ” Force closure “. Try again to launch it. If the problem remains, you will need to uninstall and reinstall the app entirely.

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    ” At the launch, the application displays stripes on my screen and closes itself after a few seconds. “

    It is possible that this problem arrives by also producing a high pitch sound. This means your device doesn’t have enough memory to run the application properly. You need to free some space on your hard drive or deactivate all the other applications running in background, bridling the performances of your device. In the “ Application “ category of your device’s settings, select MyMusicTeacher and click on the button ” Force shutdown “. Try again to launch the game, if the problem remains, you will have to uninstall and redownload the application. If unfortunately this hasn’t changed a thing, it means you device doesn’t meet the technical specifications required to run the application. MyMusicTeacher. We then advise you to better try the PC or Mac version.

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    ” The application turns off or stops working when the loading of an exercise achieve 7%, 44%, … “

    This case might be linked to two factors: on one hand, an internet connexion problem (mostly true if the app suddenly blocks). Check that your internet connexion is stable and has a sufficient bandwidth (domestic Wi-Fi is the best). If the problem remains, check if it’s not your anti-virus or firewall software that could possibly block the access of our app to our gaming servers. On the other hand, it might be that the authorizations that are needed by the app have not been given to by your device. Check in the settings of your phone that MyMusicTeacher has a granted access to your microphone and close all the background applications that might use it. In the end, if the application shut down, it might be necessary to empty the cache of MyMusicTeacher. To do so, you need to go back to this « application » category in the settings of your device, select MyMusicTeacher and click on the button « Delete the cache » at the bottom of the page. If the problem remains, uninstall and re-download MyMusicTeacher to have a clean base.

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    ” Impossible to log in with Facebook “

    If you’re already registered on MyMusicTeacher, your account will be automatically associated with your Facebook profile at the first connexion using the button « Connect with Facebook ». If even then you can’t log in, it means our server might be having momentary issues or temporary synchronization trouble. We invite you to better use the ID and Password you’ve created your MyMusicTeacher account withs.

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    “The registration is too long, helllppp ! “

    Don’t worry ! You may have met a temporary loading problem ! The registration to the application only require a valid mail address, a password and a nickname. It shouldn’t take longer than 30 seconds. If you’re blocked facing a loading screen, don’t hesitate to contact the support and we’ll try our best to solve the problem step by step with you.

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    ” Impossible to register, it is said that my mail address is invalid! “

    If you meet this problem, You might have badly written your address in the field ” E-Mail ” from the registration from. The address has to be written accordingly to this shape XXXXXXX@XXXXX.XX. If the problem remains, try to register on our website and use the newly created account to connect on the application.

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    ” I tried to reset my password but the link I received by mail sent me to Erreur du serveur dans l’application ‘/’

    When you wish to reset your password through the « Forgotten Password » tool of our application, an e-mail is sent to you with a link to our reset form. It is possible that when clicking on this link, you are sent to an empty page with a red error message saying : Erreur du serveur dans l’application ‘/’. This means that a special character from your unic ID Key wasn’t read by your mailing client and broke the link before its end. This way, the URL opening in your browser isn’t complete: the blue part stops before this special character. You simply need to copy-paste manually the entirety of the link (don’t forget the characters passed the blue part) in your browser. That will work !

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    FAQ – How to use the MyMusicTeacher Guitar Lesson’s application

    ” My guitar is tuned but the tuner of MyMusicTeacher assures me the contrary! “

    Our guitar tuner, still in beta test, must be used in a quiet environment where only the guitar string you try to tune has to vibrate. If you’ve previously tuned your guitar with another way and are convinced of its rightness, then proceed despite what our tuner might say. Sometimes, the microphone can detect unwanted interferences messing up the signal.

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    ” I don’t find my microphone (or audio interface) in the dropdown list of the MyMusicTeacher’ settings. “

    It can happen that when you try to setup you microphone with the MyMusicTeacher app, you won’t find your device in the dropdown list of the same name. If such is the case, you first of all need to check that your mic is installed and working. Does it work with tiered applications like the « Windows Recorder », « skype » or any other recording software? If yes, you need to make sure that you microphone is set as your default recording device. On the Windows desktop, right click on the speaker icon in the task bar. Select « Recording Peripheral », right click on your microphone appearing in the list and chose the option « Define as your main recording peripheral ». Back on MyMusicTeacher, you should find your microphone in the dropdown list of the settings.

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    ” I play in front of my microphone (or plugged in the Line entry of my audio interface) but the application doesn’t detect the notes “

    Before anything, you can check if it really is a detection problem. To do so, you can start the MyMusicTeacher Guitar Tuner and play a few notes. If the needle don’t move, it means your mic is not set with the application. You need to enter the “ Setting “ menu, at the bottom left of the home screen, and chose your microphone in the dropdown list of the same name. Once the mic selected, the app should hear what you play!

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    ” My microphone is detected and works with other applications but the notes aren’t detected on MyMusicTeacher “

    If your microphone is usable, activated and selected in the dropdown list « microphone » from the MyMusicTeacher’ settings, it means the problem resides in its configuration. On the Windows desktop, right click on the « speaker » in the bottom right of the task bar. Select “ Recording Peripheral “ and, in your microphone properties lower (or increase) the volume “Gain”. It is possible that the level of your mic is too low to be detected on MyMusicTeacher, this should solve the problem.

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    ” [ON PC] When I launch the MyMusicTeacher application, a small window opens then it stops working / loading “

    Our application uses many peripheral of your computer to work properly (graphic card, microphone, etc..). If you meet some launch errors, it might be because a background tiered application uses too much of the quoted peripherals. For example, softwares such as Skype or Adobe Photoshop, already open in background, can provoke the unplanned arrest of MyMusicTeacher. To solve this, you simply have to close all applications susceptible to enter in conflict with MyMusicTeacher before starting it.

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    ” The application works well when I’m connected to the mobile network (H+, 3G, 4G,..) but not anymore with Wi-Fi “

    Some Wi-Fi Hotspots (internet box, external router) can filter the internet connexion to distant servers. A common practice to limitate the access to websites such as Facebook, Skype or YouTube in public areas. In some rare case, a wrong setting of the Wi-Fi access point could block our application. This can be noticed by the impossibility to access a video lesson or an exercise. To solve this, you need to access the settings of your Wi-Fi access point (filter) and grant access to the network ports :62330 and :62329.

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    ” There is a slight offset between the sound I hear and the video / guitar tab played!”

    In few cases, you might be able to notice an offset between the sound you hear and the current progression of the video or exercise you are playing on MyMusicTeacher. Chances are those problems are linked to your audio output peripheral. If you use a headset or Bluetooth speaker we invite you to deactivate it and plug them to the principal wire. The direct entry will solve the problem.

    If you experience any other problem, our teams will do their best to solve it. You simply have to contact us by mail and we’ll come back to you under 24 hours !

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FAQ – How to use the MyMusicTeacher Guitar Lesson’s application